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Just received an Offer Letter or Confirmation of Enrolment?

First of all congratulations on being offered a place at Murdoch University!
If you are an Open Universities Australian (OUA) student please click here for more information.
Now it’s time to accept your offer and become a current student.
We want you to get the most out of your University experience by following these six simple steps:

1. Prepare early

Once you've accepted your offer you’ll need to choose and enrol in your units.
You need to enrol in units and then sign up for lectures and classes (tutes, labs or workshops) by clicking on this link.
If you’re not quite sure what to do or just need someone to talk you through the process contact your Student Advisor.

2. Visit the Handbook
The next step is to find your course structure in the handbook.

The Get Prepared page will help you understand your course structure
Some terms you'll come across while getting prepared:
Unit Set: You will see the term "unit sets" used interchangeably with majors, minors or other specialisations.
Teaching period: The time period in which the unit will be taught. S1 means Semester 1 and S2 is Semester 2.
S1 and S2 are the most common for an undergraduate degree, but there are many variations of teaching periods and the index of these can be found in the Handbook.
Unit Class: whether the unit is available either Internally (D), Externally (X) or is a Placement (P).
Pre-requisites: A prerequisite is a requirement that must be completed before you start a unit. This is important as a unit may assume that you have a certain level of understanding about a topic. You can find prerequisites in your course structure.
Double majors: Most of Murdoch's course structures encourage you to complete more than one major. Recommended double majors are listed in your course structure.
You should decide before finalising your enrolment if you are going to complete a second major and/or a minor as those extra units will take the place of some or all of your general electives.
Your second major or minor does not have to be from the same School as your first major. Enrolment in some majors is restricted and therefore you may not be guaranteed a place in the major, regardless of whether or not you have studied some or all of the units.
If you need help selecting a second major or minors please contact your Student Advisor.

Now you've found out a little about course structures, you can go on to choosing your units.

3. Never be afraid to ask a question

You may think it is a silly question but don’t worry, chances are you are not the only person wondering. A really popular question for new students is: Where do I find my timetable?

4. Come to Orientation

Orientation, or O Week, is the next stepping-stone to success! At this compulsory event you will have the chance to meet with your University’s School’s teaching and support staff and meet like-minded peers who you will spend the next three or four years with. We are also busy planning lots of activities, free food and events to help you get started on campus. Stop by Bush Court to see all the fun and exciting things happening!

5. Find a mentor and engage with your peers in your School. Watch this VoxPop mentoring video to learn more about how mentoring works and why you should get involved.

6. If it starts to get tough, speak to your Student Advisor and they can help you get back on track.


In January 2015, you will be getting an email from your Student Advisor to introduce you to our UniEdge Program. You will be asked to complete your “How ready are you for University?" questionnaire. Once you have completed the questionnaire you will be given some information on UniEdge events happening during the semester. We’ve lots of exciting and informative events planned to make sure you get the best out of your university experience!

Getting the most out of your University experience by getting closer to UniEdge!

Murdoch University has a number of excellent UniEdge programs you can benefit from to help you get the best out of your studying so stay tuned for more information!

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