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Our Learning Futures survey of staff and World Café Workshops highlighted how strongly the Murdoch community feels about the importance of renewing our learning environments for the 21st century. This strategy affirms the commitment to learning environments made at Murdoch’s foundation and reflected in the original design of the South Street campus in Perth.

Commitment to renewing all our learning spaces by 2020

We will work with our Schools and the Professional Services to improve our learning spaces to facilitate tutorial, lecture, recorded lecture, seminar, webinar and laboratory based modes of delivery. Flexible and technology enabled learning spaces will be benchmarked with other top international universities. Responding to this urgent need for renewal, the University has committed to substantial capital investment in our learning environments. This commitment to an ongoing program of investment will continue into 2020. By then, we will have dedicated new learning environments which will be flexible, reconfigurable and multi-purpose and will distinguish the Murdoch learning experience from comparable universities in Australia.

Our campus master plan is underway led by designs for the new Eastern Precinct and evolving plans for dedicated new learning and teaching spaces. With better planning we will make our Perth campus easier to navigate, more coherent, better signposted and safer. We will also expand our conception of learning spaces to place greater consideration of the needs of students for access to informal spaces for self-directed and peer-to-peer learning.

Commitment to developing dedicated world class facilities for learning and teaching by 2020 as part of our campus planning

We are committed to establishing a Learning Innovations Studio. The purpose of this facility will be to provide a test-bed for teaching staff to experiment in the use of flexible learning spaces and alternative pedagogies. It will support innovation in learning and teaching, and provide incubation and collaboration spaces to facilitate interdisciplinary networking and showcasing space for Murdoch staff, the teaching staff of other institutions and the general public.

Our learning environments do not end at our physical spaces. We are undertaking an extensive web renewal process which will make our electronic resources more accessible. This will provide greater ease of access to information and allow new social and communications functionality to enrich interactions between staff and students.

A renewed emphasis will also be placed on the development of educational design capabilities which support the efficient use of the latest educational technologies. This will include the development of professional and consistent standards for digital learning materials and the integration of digital content into our virtual learning environments.

The Office of the Pro Vice Chancellor (Learning and Teaching), Centre for University Teaching and Learning (CUTL) and the Schools will collaborate with Professional Services units and partners to ensure the renewal of our learning environments and play a central role in specifying and implementing new projects. We will be proactive in the regeneration of our physical and virtual learning environments.