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Engagement and collaboration

Our communitiesMurdoch is a unique learning organisation characterised by a commitment to pastoral care, social and educational support for our student cohorts and solid links to employment. Debate about the future of higher education, deregulation and digitisation in many ways masks the importance of our primary responsibility. This is to deliver the best possible learning experience we can and to appropriately engage with and respond to the needs of local, national, international, disciplinary, scholarly and professional communities.

Engagement with the diverse communities of which we are collectively a part, is fundamental to the realisation of our aspirations and to the fulfilment of our important social and economic role as a mature public institution working collaboratively across sectors to address real world problems and overcome significant challenges. We need to play a more proactive role in responding to community needs and supporting the student body to engage with local challenges through community programmes and capstone placements.

Acknowledgement of community in all its diversity is also central to understanding our students, their backgrounds, needs and expectations, and our role in fostering the development of their emergent academic and disciplinary identities.

Towards this end we will:

  • develop open-access staff and community resources
  • link our student body with diverse cultural communities through experiential learning in work and community integrated settings
  • develop and simplify opportunities for international student exchange, internship and languages
  • cultivate our range of government, industry and educational partnerships
  • improve our online, distance and on campus experiences to be more inclusive and participatory
  • embrace external scholarly and professional inputs to assure the continuing relevance of curriculum, pedagogies and our students’ knowledge and skills
  • build and empower communities of teaching and communities of learning; and
  • improve the means for communications between students and staff.

To realise these aspirations we must be responsive to the needs and interests of our community stakeholders as well as manage our resources and knowledge in ways that will deliver the greatest impact and value.

To achieve our ambitious vision for learning and teaching we must invest in our communities.

We will develop open access learning opportunities for staff and the broader Murdoch community by drawing on our undergraduate and postgraduate courseware and experimenting with new modes of online and adaptive learning.

Experiment with new modes of online and adaptive learning through development of open access staff and community resources

We are committed to empowering our staff through community building, sharing of practice and promoting transparent and logical processes and governance. Underpinning this is a commitment to clear communications that reinforce our ethos, promote best practices and create a values based community of practice that embraces all our student cohorts.

Consolidate existing and build new educational partnerships to support our offshore and online student cohorts and develop new student cohorts

Our curriculum and pedagogy serve not just our student body, but our wider community partners such as the Fiona Stanley Hospital, St Ives community, Murdoch community, local schools and educational providers and South Street residents. Through integrated curriculum, challenges and competitions we can link our student body with local communities to make positive changes and increase the quality of lives. Work and community integrated learning will increasingly become a feature of the Murdoch experience, with opportunities embedded through the roll out of interdisciplinary and capstone experiences in our new undergraduate curriculum.

Develop close relationships with South East Asia educational providers and partners for the Asian Century

With our place in the East Asian and the Indian Ocean region, and with international recognition for an Asian focused curriculum, we are committed to simplifying opportunities for experiential learning student exchanges, partnering arrangements with Asian universities of standing and collaborative undertakings of learning and teaching related research, particularly with reference to the learning needs of the international onshore cohort. We are also exploring our transnational opportunities collaborating with the Innovative Research Universities (IRU) group to undertake significant work in Malaysia. We will look for further collaborations in China, Indonesia, Japan, Vietnam and South Korea in the form of partnering arrangements, articulation agreements and expanded opportunities for student exchange.

Support new student cohorts overseas through online learning and overseas campus experiences

With a growing international presence and influence central to our institutional aspirations, our commitment to build and contribute to international scholarly communities is of growing importance.

Our curriculum and pedagogical practices must be rigorously monitored with reference to relevant international and disciplinary standards and benchmarks to ensure that learning and teaching at Murdoch is of the highest standard.

We will monitor and assure the achievement of stated learning outcomes through appropriate, authentic and aligned assessments. To ensure that this is the case we will embed a robust quality enhancement cycle informed by the student experience and evaluations, metrics of curriculum performance and referenced to national and international benchmarks. We will underpin all our teaching within our quality framework, ensuring that the experiences of our students whether they are online, remote or transnational, are appropriate to their context and are comparable across offerings.

In matters of quality or engagement, empowerment of our communities is critical to the successful implementation of our learning and teaching strategy. We are all aligned in our commitment to offer our talented and committed students the best learning experiences we can, but the problem of scaling quality education remains a challenge. To this end, we will be promoting the ongoing Conversation aimed at probing particular issues of interest and debate in a way that empowers our community and collectively solves our shared challenges.

Provide clear and powerful internal communications for all our staff and students

We have a rich history of community engagement, and this strategy will build upon these traditions through collaborative and community focused approaches, powerful communications and clear target setting.