Learning and Teaching

Welcome from the DVCE

At Murdoch University, we offer students high quality learning and teaching. We value a broad education that equips students with real world learning experiences and the abilities required to join the fast changing 21st Century workplace.

Our highly skilled and trained staff are committed to the highest quality learning and teaching practices in real world learning settings. We wish you well in your Learning and Teaching experience at Murdoch University.

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Learner Support

A wealth of useful resources to aid you while studying at Murdoch University.

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A casual student-led supplement to lectures and tutorials. It’s run by trained students who have already been successful in specific courses.

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Peer academic coaches (PACs) are experienced and successful students who provide free, personalized study support.

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Academic Development

The Academic Development Framework aims to draw upon expertise within Murdoch, and create communities of practice among academic staff at all levels.

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Preparing to Teach

Murdoch University has a long history of providing comprehensive and well-structured, flexible unit materials which are made available to students in traditional and online formats.

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Teaching Support

Staff in CUTL (Centre for University Teaching and Learning) collaborate with staff in schools and other areas of the university to enhance teaching and learning at Murdoch University

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