Our K-Track Course

Whether you’re just starting out on your educational journey or you’re looking for a change in direction, K-Track may be for you.

This award-winning course aims to prepare you for university in just 14 weeks. There are no pre-requisites for entry into K-Track - simply complete our writing activity at Kulbardi Aboriginal Centre.

There are no fees associated with K-Track and students are eligible to apply for the K-Track scholarship.

K-Track offers you the chance to:

  • Commence your studies in either Semester 1 (February/March) or Semester 2 (July/August)
  • Participate in a dynamic, thought-provoking and innovative course
  • Develop a range of skills that will help you succeed in university studies, while getting a taste for university life
  • Gain entry, upon successful completion of this 14 week course, to a broad range of undergraduate degrees

Course Structure

Submit your K-Track application here.

Not sure if you'd get into K-Track? Complete our Practice Writing Activity and find out!

This practice writing activity is designed to give you an indication of your strengths, as well as areas to work on, before you attempt the K-Track Writing Activity at Kulbardi Aboriginal Centre.

Once submitted, you will receive feedback on your attempt from one of our staff members, as well as our recommendations for your pathway into university. There are no fails for this practice activity. You should allow 2 hours to complete the activity.

Next Steps: Once you have completed the practice activity, you will be invited to complete the official writing activity at Kulbardi Aboriginal Centre. Successful applicants will secure their place in K-Track for their chosen semester.