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course_fee.jpgMurdoch University is one of Australia’s leading research universities, with an outstanding reputation for providing students with a quality education and recognised academic standing in an engaging and caring environment.


Our Bachelor degree courses are flexible, and with over 80 undergraduate majors to choose from. You can broaden your qualifications and career options by taking a double major.

Double Majors - Most courses offer the opportunity to complete a degree with a double major. In most cases, a double major takes no more than three years to complete.

While your first major must come from your degree of choice, a second major can be chosen from another degree. You may need to complete additional units to satisfy the foundational prerequisites of your second major. In some cases, this introduces additional credit point requirements to your graduation.
•Learn about Double Majors in the Handbook


We have a range of Honours Courses.


We have more than 90 postgraduate courses on offer, from Graduate Certificates to Masters as well as MPhils and PhDs.

Course Fees

For an indication of the tuition fees for each course, check out our Tuition Fee Calculator.