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Murdoch First Scholarship

Expecting an 80.00+ ATAR? Learn about our new $2,000 Murdoch First Scholarship and whether you could be eligible to apply.

This is a first by a Western Australian university - Murdoch has introduced this ground-breaking new student scholarship to acknowledge and congratulate high-potential first-year students across the State who nominate Murdoch University as their first preference in TISC.

At Murdoch University we understand that you may need some help along your journey towards achieving your university qualification. Whether you need assistance with getting into university, or support while you're studying here, we have a number of different options available depending upon your personal circumstances. Find out whether you're eligible for a scholarship.

Financial assistance

University students who are Australian Citizens are eligible for 'fee deferral schemes' under the Higher Education Loan Programme (HELP) provided by the Australian Government. Eligible students can either pay their contribution up front, or take out a HELP loan which can be repaid later through the income tax system. Find out more and see whether you're eligible for financial assistance.

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