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Murdoch University is one of the leading research universities in Australia. Our strong industry links ensure our research students are trained in areas of national and international relevance. This takes our students to the leading edge of their disciplines and aligns them with current and future industry and society needs.

We offer several different kinds of research degrees depending upon your professional and academic background, research experience and personal goals.


Master of Philosophy (MPhil)
The Master of Philosophy is a supervised research program where the candidate must undertake an original investigation which would normally be more limited in scope and degree of originality than for a PhD.

2 years*

Research Masters with Training (RMT)
The Research Masters with Training is an 18 month full time degree designed for students for whom additional, or specialised, research training is desirable. It is suitable for industry professionals who seek to extend and deepen their research expertise and undertake research relevant to their professional field; and those hoping to proceed to a higher degree but lacking in the conventional background.

1.5 years*

Master of Laws by Research (LLM)
The Master of Laws is designed to extend the opportunity for law students to undertake research at an advanced level.

1 year*

Master of Education by Research (Med)
Students undertake a research dissertation combined with a limited number of coursework units to both inform their dissertation and provide an appropriate methodology background. This course is designed to provide the education profession and the community with leaders capable of addressing critical issues in educational practice, policy and research.

1.5 years*


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
The Doctor of Philosophy involves the student independently researching a specific topic under the guidance of a supervisor. This research involves critical and creative activities and disciplined methods of inquiry designed to increase the stock of human knowledge.

3-4 years*

Doctor of Education (EdD)
The Doctor of Education is an intensive course of study consisting of coursework and applied research in a selected area of practice leading to a dissertation that contributes conceptually and practically to the profession.

3 years*

Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology (DPsych)
The Doctor of Psychology is an intensive three-year professional research degree consisting of seminars, supervised practical work and applied research.

3 years*

Doctor of Psychology in Organisational Psychology (DPsych)
The Doctor of Psychology is an intensive three-year professional research degree consisting of seminars, supervised practical work and applied research.

3.5 years*

Doctor of Information Technology (DIT)
The Doctor of Information Technology (DIT) is an intensive course of study leading to a professional doctorate in Information Technology.

3 years*

Doctor of Veterinary Medical Science (DVetMedSc)
This course provides an advanced level of study in veterinary science at a high degree of specialisation in a selected area of study.

3 years*

Combined Master of Applied Psychology/ Doctor of Philosophy (MAppPsych/PhD)
This combined course is offered to students wishing to combine professional training at Master's level in Clinical or Organisational Psychology with compatible research at the PhD level.

4 years*

* or part-time equivalent

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