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Executive Master in Leadership, Strategy and Innovation (M1253)

Transforming Aspiring Managers Into Inspiring Leaders

Effective leadership is no longer simply about managing individual disciplines such as HR, marketing or finance. It’s about bringing them together. You must nurture integration, collaboration and change to improve individual team performance.

This led us to ask business, government and academia what kind of development the leaders of tomorrow actually want and need.


The nine themed units delivery approach combines self-directed learning, activity based discussion and live online collaboration with peers, faculty and specialist guest speakers from industry and organisations. The three themes are:


  • MBS601 Leadership Dynamics - From Follower to Leader
  • MBS602 Developing High Performance Work Systems
  • MBS604 Manager as Performance Coach

WEEK 2B ICON.jpg  STRATEGY         

  • MBS607 Leading from Strategy to Operations
  • MBS608 Managing Uncertainty Through Scenario Planning
  • MBS609 Rethinking Strategic Value of Markets and Consumers


  • MBS613 Managing a Global Business
  • MBS628 Creating Value for Organisations
  • MBS637 Stakeholder Governance in a Business Society Ecosystem

Each themed Unit consists of:

  • Four weeks of intensive learning includes: Live Online Collaboration sessions with your peers and faculty (compulsory) twice per week
  • Unit readings and their associated discussion points are located on an easy access innovative platform
  • Case study discussions and debates -
  • Groupwork  (online and offline)
  • Live knowledge transfer sessions facilitated by Murdoch University Faculty and Industry Specialists
  • Three Assessments per module
  • Video journals and podcasts
  • Assessments


International Immersion MBS638

This unit draws upon the learning of the themed units and acts as a bridge to MBS639 Capstone Consulting Project. Students will analyse issues relating to organisational and individual leadership, strategies implemented for global industry positioning, and witness emerging innovations at centres of excellence. This will enable an understanding and comprehension of the global context within which leadership, strategy and innovation is critical. Students will also experience cultural exchange, building on professional relations with their cohort, global industries and organisations and government executives.
As a cohort, you could be undertaking an international immersion module either with one of our program partners in Singapore or Dubai.

Capstone Consulting Project MBS639

This self-directed module under academic supervision provides both the opportunity and the experience for you to apply the knowledge gained throughout the program in resolving a 'live case'. Industry projects will emerge form various partners such as Australian state and federal agencies and departments, and private sector organisations from Australia and the region. Duration is 3-4 months and can commence once any two themes (Leadership, Strategy or Innovation) have been completed.

How to apply

Use our online application tool to submit your application. To complete your application you need to create an Applicant ID and follow the application steps. Your progress will be saved as you go so you can return to complete the process later using your Applicant ID. For more information about the Executive Masters in Leadership, Strategy and Innovation (M1253) or how to enrol, please contact one of the Executive Education Team:

Katherine Ings - Program Coordinator - Phone: +61 (08) 9360 1776

Dr Greg Lopez - Academic Chair and Lecturer Executive Education Programs - Phone: +61 (08) 9360 1778

Tara Amin - Administration Officer - Phone: +61 (08) 9360 7399

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