Executive Education

Capability Development

Graduate Certificate in Management

The Executive Education Centre offers a university accredited capability building program for middle to senior level executives undertaking leadership roles within organisations. Upon completion of the program participants attain a Graduate Certificate in Business.

The program is designed in partnership with an organisation to reflect global best practices focusing on the organisation’s requirements. This co-design approach goes beyond the limitations of prescriptive learning and generates relevant and practical content underpinned by a rigorous academic framework.

Professional knowledge is advanced through activity based learning at the workshops through engagement, problem solving exercises and assessable presentations, literature reviews, case studies, preparation of reports, projects and reflective journals. Participants are required to relate management relevant literature, social and cultural theories plus the designated management literature to priority themes and projects. This approach is designed to cultivate reflective practice, instil new capability and optimize performance in specific services contexts.

Contemporary trends and challenges in services delivery

This module explores developments in theory and research relevant to practice. Participants will be introduced to the history, structural features, and socio-economic contexts within the sector and their own organisations. Participants will apply critical reasoning and evaluation skills to better analyse key principles of practice relevant to client groups and stakeholders.

Developing strategic intelligence

This module centres on the development of strategic thinking skills so that participants can reflect creatively on organizational and business strategy. Strategic thinking is built by a focus on understanding the language of strategy, and learning how information from the internal and external environments can assist in developing and communicating a vision, contributes to scenario planning and strategy cultivation, and, ultimately, lead to innovation in design, development and delivery of new services.

People and performance

This module will provide participants with an opportunity to reflect and improve their management of people within organisations. The module focuses on enhancing motivation and capability of individuals and teams based on the application of psychological principles. Topics covered will include motivating people, building capability, creativity, decision making, stress, effective communication, conflict management and working in teams.

Cultural competence

Organisational cultures that rely on one-size-fits-all approaches to management can help organisations deal with routine issues but not with complex and uncertain problems involving multiple stakeholders. This module investigates organisational culture through an exploration of the organisation’s approach to ethics, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and risk and volatility. It investigates how organisational culture in these aspects are addressed in various organisational tasks such as planning, human resources, operations, and communications can help and has helped organisations anticipate and prepare for change, adapt to shocks and build capabilities.

How to apply

For more information about the Graduate Certificate in Business and how to enrol, please contact:

Murdoch Executive Education Centre
School of Business and Governance
Murdoch University
90 South Street, Murdoch
Western Australia, 6150


+61 8 9360 1776