Office of Curriculum and Academic Policy

Office of Academic Quality, Curriculum Management and Policy

The Office of Academic Quality, Curriculum Management and Policy supports the development of academic quality, strategy, policy and procedure in relation to learning, teaching and curriculum.

The Office coordinates the development of educational policy and provides central services supporting quality and compliance monitoring and enhancement; curriculum management; and development of student integrity through oversight and management of student discipline processes relating to general and academic misconduct. In addition to operational responsibilities, the Office leads a variety of strategic programs aligning with the University's strategic vision. Current programs include Curriculum @ Murdoch; Educational Policy Renewal; and Think Enhancement @ Murdoch.

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Support for curriculum: proposals, development and processes around curriculum management

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Student Integrity

Academic Misconduct

Support with student integrity and misconduct


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Curriculum Diagnostic

Boards of Examiners

Periodic review of course offerings APC support for Boards of Examiners

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