Help understand society and your place in it through our Sociology degree

Keen to understand the social world around you and make a real difference? Our Sociology degree will give you the tools to help transform our economic, political and social systems for the better.

What will you learn on our sociology program?

Sociology looks at some of the most important issues of our time including globalization, conflict, socio-economic inequality, religion, ethics, social inclusion, the law, health and education. By engaging with social research methods, social policy and sociological theory you will develop the knowledge and skills necessary to understand and respond to these social issues and more.

Our highly active and well published academic staff will provide you with insights into their specialist areas of expertise, ranging from public sector ethics to the history of social thought, from the sociology of race and ethnicity to the sociology of community development to name just a few.

Discover a range of rewarding career paths

Given widespread social changes, sociological skills are increasingly important in a wide range of professions, occupations and organisations. Some of these include:

  • working in local, state or federal public service
  • working for welfare, community, industrial or commercial organisations
  • undertaking social research such as social impact assessments (private contract researcher)
  • developing social policy at local or national government