Social and Developmental Psychology

This major concentrates on the social and developmental applications in psychology, teaching students how individuals manage developmental tasks within dynamic and evolving social contexts. Students explore how we make sense of ourselves and others, and how the actual, imagined or implied presence of others influences our thoughts and behaviours. This major is available to be studied in conjunction with a second major and is designed to add flavour and learning advantages to students who wish to combine this major with another.

Why choose Social and Developmental Psychology?

Psychology will be of special interest not only to those desiring to enter the psychology profession but also to students envisaging a practical or academic career in education, ergonomics or human resource management.

Students who wish to proceed to 4th and later years of study and/or be eligible for professional registration must complete three extra core units mandated by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council. Details are included in the structure of the major.

In the Bachelor of Arts you will develop a broad understanding of your field and proficiency in producing written and oral arguments and creative artefacts in response to social, human and natural phenomena. You will also develop a critical appreciation of the perspectives of others. As an Arts graduate you will be able to think critically and creatively, apply knowledge and information, and communicate effectively. These are professional skills which are critical across a range of industries. You will also be able to pursue further study in the fields of social research, the humanities and/or the creative arts.

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