Make a big difference working on a small scale with Physics and Nanotechnology

Explore your passion for science and learn about Physics and Nanotechnology.

Discover the physical world

With this course you will explore classical and modern physics, investigating the physical world around us and beyond. You'll also learn about Nanoscience, the science of the really small, and gain an understanding of the rules and complexities of physics at finer and finer levels.

As a Physics and Nanoscience student you'll gain practical experience, working in our nanotechnology laboratories with state of the art equipment. You will also get the chance to work on exciting and innovative projects - we've just received a patent our work on nanomembranes which are used for skin regeneration for severe burns.

Embrace your inner-inventor

This degree will give you the skills and knowledge to manipulate matter on the nanoscale, allowing you to play an important role in the creation of new materials for areas like medicine, engineering, water purification, energy generation, mobile telecommunications and space exploration.