Mathematics and Statistics

"A mathematician, like a painter or a poet, is a maker of patterns," G.H.Hardy.

As a Murdoch Mathematics and Statistics student you will concentrate on mathematical modelling or applied statistics. Statistics examines procedures for the acquisition, management, exploration and use of information, to learn from experience in situations of uncertainty, and to make decisions under risk. Through the study of Mathematics and Statistics, you will learn to solve problems with logical and systematic analysis and earn yourself the expertise to excel in a multitude of different professions.

Mathematical modelling emphasises methods and applications in the life and environmental sciences as well as engineering. Applied statistics concentrates on methods and applications in the life and health sciences, the environment, commerce and industry. Which ever you choose you will finish you degree as a practical mathematician or statistician with a flexible outlook, a mix of technical skills and an awareness of the modern uses of statistics and mathematics.

By combining your Mathematics and Statistics studies with other majors where the techniques you are learning are applied such as, to name just a few, Biology, Biomedical Science or Chemistry you will greatly enhance your career choices. You can also choose a combined degree with the Bachelor of Education to pursue a career in teaching.