Laws by Research
Masters (LLM(Res))

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Postgraduate courses

Master of Laws by Research

In this course, you'll have the opportunity to conduct research at an advanced level to build on your existing qualifications.

Explore new types of legal and policy issues

You'll have the chance to achieve an in-depth understanding of major legal and policy issues of legal study beyond what is available at an undergraduate level. You'll develop your critical analysis skills, improve your writing and oral presentation skills, and learn new research practices.

Work alongside experienced legal professionals

This course allows you to work closely with your teachers and fellow students to gain a broader understanding of legal studies, while enhancing your career opportunities and professional development.

Take your passion to a new level with postgrad study at Murdoch

Postgrad study is all about developing your passion further, a one-degree-fits-all approach just simply doesn't work for everybody.

We're flexible about what and how you choose to study - and we employ great academic thinkers who care about helping you along your new path.

If you find this course isn't quite what you were looking for, give us a call or drop an email to work out an option right for you.