Study Law and enjoy a range of exciting career opportunities

A Murdoch Law degree means you'll start studying key Law units from your first year onwards and can finish with a Bachelor of Laws in four years, helping you focus on your goals and passion earlier. You can also choose to study Law in a combined degree with a wide range of majors across the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Business or Bachelor of Science. A combined degree is a minimum of five years full-time. If you already hold an undergraduate degree (in any discipline) you can gain graduate entry to the Bachelor of Laws enabling you to gain recognition for your previous studies and complete your Law degree in three years (full-time equivalent).

Get hands-on experience with real-life issues

You'll learn about the legal system and the professional practice of law from our experienced teaching team. You can choose to study up to three units at the University of Macerata in Italy, or visit Geneva in Switzerland to study Human Rights Law. Murdoch also offers a program in Chinese Law with students visiting China as part of their studies.

You'll develop your debating and reasoning skills up against legal experts and other students at our Freehills Electronic Moot Court, which is designed to feel like a real courtroom.

Pursue a career where you'll really make a difference

As you complete your degree, you'll learn communication and interpersonal skills - and apply them as you learn. The experience you'll gain in professional settings - such as at our community law clinic SCALES - will open up a range of exciting career opportunities for you.

Combine Your Law Degree

Besides studying Law as a four year degree you can choose to combine it with other studies at Murdoch and graduate with a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Business or Bachelor of Science. Studying a combined degree gives you flexibility in further study and career paths or to help focus your specialisation. A combined degree is possible with most majors in the BA, BBus or Bsc (except Chiropractic Science or Veterinary Science) and takes a minimum of five years full-time study or equivalent.