Break the news with Journalism

In a changing media landscape, journalism today offers a broader range of opportunities than ever before from broadcast news reporting to independent online commentary; from freelance documentaries to sophisticated data analysis and interpretation; from live mobile reporting in the field to reflective long-form story-telling. Today’s journalists need to be skilled communicators who can work across platforms to get their story out.

They need to be curious and open-minded, with skills to carry out research and interviews, and then report with crystal-clear writing and presentation. They also need to understand the role society expects of them and the laws and professional conduct demanded of media professionals.

Journalism at Murdoch gives students a professional grounding in reporting and writing, all-platform digital media production, video journalism, and media law and ethics. Students can choose minors, or even a second major, in radio, photography, web communication, public relations, creative writing, or screen production.

Careers in Journalism

News reporter, broadcaster journalist, producer, editor, online commentator, TV presenter, camera operator, foreign correspondent, digital content creator, video journalist, film/music critic, sports reporter, food  writer, documentary-maker, website manager, photographer, radio presenter, media advisor, communications officer.