Join a multibillion dollar industry with a Games Technology degree

Put all those hours of obsessive fun to good use by turning your passion for gaming into a career in an industry now estimated to be worth more than the film industry.

With a global value of over $50 billion, the gaming industry needs creative, technically savvy and adventurous people to help fuel its growing thirst for fresh new ideas and simulations.

Learn from passionate and fully accredited IT professionals

Our course will provide you with a thorough understanding of the theory, design and programming techniques you will need to produce all kinds of software including games.

We will achieve this by helping you explore an intensive programme of study including:

  • games theory,
  • design and programming;
  • advanced graphics techniques including virtual environments;
  • artificial intelligence techniques;
  • simulations;
  • multi player and internet games programming, and
  • games specific software tools.

Combine your major in Games Technology with another discipline and enhance your career potential

Pick just about any other discipline and you could create a powerful combination of knowledge and skill.

Games Technology combines well with any other IT major in the Bachelor of Science, as well as majors offered by other disciplines right across the University.

Our courses are accredited to the Professional level with the Australian Computer Society (ACS).