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Making the most of Murdoch connections

At Murdoch, we have strong relationships with some major players in the engineering industry – and we use these links to make the most of opportunities for our graduates. We also focus on industry-relevant units, so you can gain real-world experience and knowledge while you’re studying.

Here's how two of our Sustainable Energy Management students, Travis Bates and Andrew Burnet, were able to land great jobs after they graduated...

Andrew Burnet - Image

Andrew’s story: The Murdoch advantage

Andrew completed his degree and moved to Queensland. Using our Murdoch network, he was able to find a position with the Brisbane City Council in their Air and Energy Division. He’s now working as a Manager with Mines and Energy as part of the Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation.

Highlights of Andrew’s career so far have included:

  • Working on the economic modelling of some renewable energy, energy efficiency and gas-fired generation initiatives related to the 2007 Energy Policy.
  • Representing Queensland on the National Emissions Trading Taskforce.
  • Helping to shape the Queensland Government position in relation to the Federal Government’s Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme.

We asked Andrew what he thinks has made him so successful in his career so far...

“Whilst the technical skills I gained have set me apart from most other people, I feel the real key was the multi-disciplinary approach that the degree offers,” said Andrew.

“The ability to study economics, policy and science within one degree is something that you will struggle to find anywhere else,” he added. “I should know – as a manager, I am now responsible for recruiting staff and whilst I’ve found some good people who’ve studied other degrees, they haven’t always had the wide range of knowledge that I was looking for. As a result, my most recent employee was a Murdoch University Energy Studies graduate – I think that’s the best endorsement I can give!”

Travis Bates - ImageTravis’ story: Making the most of Murdoch connections

The Murdoch graduate that Andrew hired recently was Travis Bates.

Travis found a passion for energy policy and decided to pursue a career in the field. He was introduced to Andrew through one of his lecturers.

“To cut a long story short, I was offered a position as an Assistant Policy Officer before I completed my degree,” said Travis. “‘It’s only now that I understand how valuable/industry-relevant the Murdoch course truly is. My work is an extension of my degree. I also mark assignments for Murdoch and have found on a number of occasions that the assignments I mark at night contain the very subjects I am working on during the day.”

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