Turn your passion for people into a rewarding career in Community Development

Join our Murdoch community and build on your knowledge and understanding of the unique cultures and communities across Western Australia.

Learn from the people already influencing change across our State

Our course offers you the opportunity to tap directly into a teaching staff of professionals renowned for their race relations work, particularly in progressing change for Western Australia's own indigenous and migrant communities.

You will develop a strong foundation and understanding of the social and institutional frameworks affecting communities, relating to:

  • social, gender and racial inequality,
  • unemployment, health and welfare,
  • social deviance, and
  • the Law.

Help make a real difference within our communities and social structures

Our community development course will also prepare you for a diverse range of exciting career opportunities in areas including;

  • working with youth,
  • helping people get off the streets,
  • working with minority groups,
  • helping struggling families, or even
  • creating partnerships between communities groups and governments.

So if you are ready to turn your passion into pragmatism and want to be sought after for your knowledge and understanding of contemporary issues in community development - this is the course for you.