Help solve the mysteries of disease and better understand the normal functioning of the human body with a Biomedical Science major

Biomedical Science is a crucial endeavour in the modern world, with new medical discoveries and breakthroughs in disease management and control being achieved continually through the efforts of medical researchers.

This major will suit students who are fascinated by human biology and medical technology, and enjoy scientific experimentation. In this major you will explore the key biomedical disciplines of physiology, microbiology, immunology, cell biology, biochemistry and pathology, which equips students to undertake a wide range of careers. The course can be tailored to requirements with many other discipline areas being available as electives, including anatomy, parasitology, haematology, histology and pharmacology.

You will be provided with the most up-to-date knowledge and training in biomedical science, and develop familiarity with the techniques used in the laboratory through our extensive hands-on practical classes.

The major additionally features a final capstone unit, Advances in Medical Science, which integrates the various disciplines of biomedical science while examining the philosophies, strategies and cutting-edge technologies used by scientists in modern medical research.

Learn within in a world class medical and health precinct

Our South Street campus is located within a world class medical and health precinct which includes two major hospitals, a veterinary hospital and two major medical research institutes all within walking distance.

Pursue your career across a diverse range of opportunities

Biomedical Science graduates are employed in hospitals, medical research institutes, universities, government/health agencies and the private sector in a range of roles including medical researcher, medical biotechnologist, and laboratory technician. This course also acts as a foundation for allied careers in health administration, medical sales and marketing, scientific media, and academia, plus is an excellent springboard into postgraduate studies in medicine, pharmacy, dentistry and veterinary science.

The structure of the course facilitates double majoring with other courses such as Molecular Biology, Clinical Laboratory Science or Forensic Biology and Toxicology. Thus, Biomedical Science can be tailored to enable the pursuit of a career in a wide range of areas including medical research, forensic science and biotechnology.

Recommended Double Majors

Molecular Biology - excellent combination since modern biomedical research and diagnosis is increasingly being conducted at a molecular level.

Clinical Laboratory Science - strong combination that provides breadth and flexibility in terms of a career in medical research or medical diagnosis.

Forensic Biology and Toxicology - a combination that broadens employment prospects, and provides complementary knowledge and skills.

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