Access the State's premier centre for contemporary Asian studies

Expand on your passion for Asia at Murdoch, home of the renowned Asia Research Centre, and benefit from the academic strengths of staff associated with the most highly regarded Asian research institute in Western Australia.

We are also founders and hosts of the Australian Consortium for 'In-Country' Indonesian Studies (ACICIS) - Australia's most respected Indonesian in-country collaboration involving 22 universities from Australia, New Zealand, Britain and the Netherlands.

Benefit from our close geographic presence to Asia

We sit on the edge of the dynamic region, sharing a unique social, political, economic and environmental interdependence.

This interdependence opens up endless possibilities for adventurous individuals like you who want to live and work in countries like China, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, India or East Timor.

Take advantage of our strong Japanese and Indonesian connections

Our lecturers have travelled, lived and researched extensively across the Asian region. And with particularly strong academic and institutional ties with Japan and Indonesia, you will be able to take advantage of a range of fantastic opportunities to study overseas - not to mention links to great job prospects after graduation.

Boost your marketability with a double major. Why not combine your Asian Studies major with another such as Law, Business, Journalism, Education, Tourism, Politics or International Studies, to give you that extra edge?

You could also add a language such as Japanese or Indonesian. But if languages really interest you, make sure you also look at the Indonesian or Japanese majors, as they provides opportunity for a one-year overseas placement to help you really cement those skills.