Information for staff

How to direct a student to our service

If you are concerned about a student, you may feel it is appropriate to suggest he or she attend the counselling service. All currently enrolled students are able to access the counselling service. Students must approach the service themselves as we work on a self-referral basis.

Sometimes staff members ask us how to approach a student they are concerned about. We suggest the following:

  • Ask the student if you can speak privately
  • Have a genuine non-judgmental conversation with the student to share your concerns. Tell them what you have noticed about their behaviour. E.g.- “I’ve noticed that you look a little withdrawn in class” or “I’ve noticed that your engagement in the unit has changed. Is everything ok?”
  • Staff may direct students to our website for information that might be helpful to them. E.g. “Do you know that Murdoch University Health has a website with some helpful resources about dealing with stress?”
  • Staff may also suggest students consider individual counselling, with further information also on our website. E.g. “The counselling service is available for all students to use”

Some students may already be engaged with another community mental health service, in which case it is usually appropriate that they stay engaged with the existing service.

Some students may also not feel ready to attend counselling, or they may not want to engage in counselling. Usually, people find the most benefit from counselling when they are motivated and ready to engage in the counselling process.

The counselling service has brochures available. Please contact us if you would like copies to distribute to students.

Further information on how to help someone:

What to do in a crisis

If there is a life-threatening emergency, please call 000.
Please also alert the university’s security:
Murdoch University – 9360 7333
Rockingham - 9553 7333
Peel – 9582 5555

If you have urgent concerns regarding a student during our opening hours (8:30-4:30, Monday-Friday), please contact us on 9360 1227. It may also be appropriate to enquire whether the student is already linked to a mental health service, and direct them to that service, if possible.

For 24hr assistance, call the Mental Health Emergency Response Line (MHERL):
Metro callers 1300 555 788 (local call)
Peel callers 1800 676 822 (free call)

Lifeline can be contacted 24hours a day to assist in crisis situations. Please call 13 11 14.

Further information about how to respond to an individual in crisis can be found on the websites below: