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Groups and workshops

This is the place to start for students looking to boost to their wellbeing, manage stress, or improve their focus and concentration!

Listed below are the workshops we have offered to students in the past. However, not all workshops are run each semester and can change from year to year. For more information on the workshops, please phone 93601227 or email

Learning to Surf: Riding the Challenge and Change of Student Life
This is an ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) based workshop, focusing on several key components in developing psychological flexibility to deal with the changes and challenges presented by a transition into University Studies.

Dry Mouth; Wobbly Knees! How to manage presentation nerves
Understand how public speaking anxiety affects you, how your own thinking may contribute to or reduce anxiety, and learn strategies to increase your confidence in talking in groups and giving presentations.

Stressless 101
This interactive workshop will assist students to obtain their optimum balance of productivity and health. By attending you will learn to identify your personal signs of becoming overstressed and how to respond to reduce your negative stress level. You will learn about how being adrenalized affects our body and thinking and how to maximise this for your success.

Procrastination and Perfectionism
Understand why procrastination happens, how procrastination happens, and learn strategies to increase productivity.

True Grit
This presentation is based on Angela Duckworth’s research on “grit”. It’s designed to be motivational and to confront some underlying assumptions about achieving success that may not be helpful. It has a focus on the mental resilience required to achieve success in any chosen endeavour.

Taming the Inner Critic
The inner critic is a voice that is present within all of us. It is the negative voice we hear which both drives and punishes us. It’s the voice that asks’ Am I good enough”, ‘Should I be here” and many other self-critical phrases. This workshop demonstrates how to tame the inner critic by adopting an approach of self-compassion rather than self-criticism.

Cool as a Cucumber: Strategies for Maximising Exam Success

Learn ways of harnessing your nervous energy to help you get through your exams with success, instead of freezing in fear.