Meet the Team

  Suzanne Knuiman - Manager

When I was a university student, my future career was far from my mind and reality. I was sure after I graduated it would all just “work out.” Graduating with an Arts degree and in a recession, my first months post degree was a rude wakeup call. Eventually I was able to get a job in marketing and after a few years moved to Australia where I began working in tertiary education eventually moving into Careers. I have now worked in the career development field for over 20 years and along the way completed post-graduate qualifications in Career Development. These days my activities focus more on management and planning with the Careers Centre but I am committed to providing a service where Murdoch students can explore ideas and learn how to develop the skills to manage their personal career journey.

  Alexandra Haaxman - Career Development Advisor

I am a Careers Practitioner with both the experience and desire to assist students and graduates to develop the necessary career and work ready skills to successfully transition to the workplace. With qualifications in Anthropology, Design, and further studies in Human Resources, I combined eclectic interests to the eclectic world of work – first as a Youth Worker, a short time in Artistic Design, followed by a rewarding career at Murdoch University where I have the privilege to work with students of many backgrounds and multifarious talents. More recently, I have completed postgraduate studies that involved designing learning experiences and instructional techniques to enhance specific employability skills amongst students, thus applying practical techniques that assist you to negotiate our rapidly changing world of work.

  Erica Anderton Brown - Career Development Advisor

A Career Management Specialist I am committed to equipping students and others with skills to manage and develop their careers. With dual roles at Murdoch University I assist students in navigating careers and exploring the world of work and I liaise with employer representatives helping them to engage with students and The University.

My background includes working with Career Transition Support Programs and Services across industries including IT, Health services, Mining, Pharmaceutical, Construction, Engineering, Environmental, Telecommunications, retail and more. Other experiences include rolling out Special Career Development projects and information at both a National and State level and supporting projects in Career Development for youth at risk.

I am also a Professional Member of the Career Development Association of Australia and other affiliated Career Professionals.

  Jane Foster - Career Development Advisor

I am a Careers Practitioner with over 15 years’ experience in an advisory and skill development capacity, working within the Vocational Education and Training (VET), Workplace Rehabilitation and Community Welfare sectors, prior to joining Murdoch. With a Psychology background and post-graduate qualifications in Career Education and Development, I chose my own path and am keen to empower others to develop their passion and strengths to achieve the same. I promote a proactive approach to career development learning and consider self-awareness, adaptability, persistence and being open to opportunity key to employability.

  Kristin Gaerisch - Careers Officer

I joined the Careers and Employment Team in 2013. Prior to my time at Murdoch University, I worked in the Tourism and Hospitality industry in Australia and for a Language/Culture/Study Exchange provider in Germany. Throughout my career, I learnt that applying for jobs and getting a foot in the door in an industry you’re passionate about isn’t always easy. In 2015, I completed my Graduate Certificate in Careers Education and Development. I am extremely passionate about helping students and graduates from different cultures adjust to the Australian employment market. I enjoy making a difference to people’s lives. In my free time I am actively involved in many sports such as running, swimming, rowing and tennis.

  Xander Treuren - Careers Officer

I am originally from the Netherlands, and after travelling and living around the world I settled in Australia where I finished a double degree in Human Resources Management and Business Law at Murdoch.

Since completing my degree, my experience has mainly been in the recruitment industry as both a Human Resource Manager and Placement Consultant within both the medical and blue collar industries. I have also been involved in the vocational employment industry supporting short and long term unemployed jobseekers throughout their journey to employment.

As a Careers Officer at Murdoch I enjoy having amicable chats with students and staff, drinking strong coffees around Bush Court and inviting employers on campus to meet students in person and see for themselves what a cool place Murdoch University really is...