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Enhance your Employability

From First year to Final Year

Employers are looking for career ready graduates. Career development starts from the beginning of your university experience. Whether you're in first year, mid-course or in your final year, there are a number of things that you can do to increase your employability.

Enhance your Employability is an online support module available to all current students guiding you through the stages of your university degree, with information on how to develop and communicate your point of difference. Simply self-enrol and work your way through the interactive guides at each stage of your degree. For more information and to view the employability guides, select the relevant links or images below:

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First Year?

You are about to embark on an exciting journey; a time to
explore, develop your strengths and discover what drives you.
Enjoy the ride!

Your checklist:

  • Register on CareerConnect.
  • Review your study choice/s. Reflect on what you have enjoyed so far or what you are curious to learn more about. Be flexible.
  • Check out volunteering options related to your studies.
  • Join a Student Club/Society in your field.
  • Investigate study abroad options for next year.
  • Work on your student resume.
  • Speak with your Student Advisor and get involved in university life.
160329 - Mid Course Front.JPG


Only you can design a university experience that is right for you,
because your career is your business.

Your checklist

  • Gain experience (paid or unpaid) and reflect on what you learnt.
  • Develop your industry networks and contacts.
  • Enter industry based Student Competitions.
  • Actively contribute to professional Student Clubs / Societies.
  • Attend Career Events - keep up-to-date through CareerConnect.
  • Become an ambassador / student rep. for Murdoch or a relevant
  • industry/professional association.
  • Develop your online presence (e.g. LinkedIn profile).
160329 - Final Year Front.JPG

Final Year?

Set yourself apart and get ahead early to increase your future

Your checklist: