Pet First Aid Workshops 2022

If your pet got stung by a bee at the park, or got a bit too friendly with a blowfish on the beach, would you know when and whether a trip to the emergency vet is needed and how to support your pet until you get there?

Join us for our next Pet First Aid for Dogs and Cats Workshop at The Animal Hospital at Murdoch University and find out.

Upcoming workshops

We are pleased to announce two further Pet First Aid Workshops in 2022:

Saturday, 6th August 2022

Time: 9am to 1pm

Location: Murdoch University, Perth, WA

Price: $215 incl GST

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Registrations close Monday, 1st August 2022.

Saturday, 22nd October 2022

Time: 9am to 1pm

Location: Murdoch University, Perth, WA

Price: $215 incl GST

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Registrations close Monday,17th October 2022.

If you have any questions about the workshop please email

Past workshops

26th February 2022
: 9am to 1pm
Location: Murdoch University, Perth, WA
Price: $215.00

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Here is some of the feedback we received from our previous workshop participants when we asked them what they would say to someone thinking about attending the Pet First Aid Workshop:

Great team. Lots of information. Plenty of great tips. I feel much more confident now with how to react to a pet medical situation before reaching a vet to give my dog the best chance of survival or care.
Stuart, February 2022
Do it! Great information, great staff, lovely dogs.
L. Brain, Workshop Participant, October 2021
Highly recommend this course!! Very informative. Great teachers.
Lidia, Workshop Participant, June 2021

COVID-19 Advice


The workshop is being held within the buildings of The Animal Hospital and hence the WA Government’s Vaccine Mandate applies: all workshop participants need to be double vaccinated as well as have had their booster shot within one month of becoming eligible. Workshop participants will need to show proof of vaccination at the registration desk on the day of the workshop.

Please be aware that anyone who cannot show proof of vaccination cannot enter the buildings of The Animal Hospital and hence will not be able to participate in the workshop.


Masks are also mandatory and we ask that you wear N95/KN95 masks if you have them.

Contact Register

You will also need to sign in with the SafeWA/ServiceWA app or via the paper Contact Register.

Please be aware that when we are in the Clinical Skills Lab, we will be working in close proximity.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and will inform you if there are any changes to these measures.


  • Learn to identify pet emergency situations
  • Acquire the skills to provide effective and possibly life-saving first aid for your pet or the pets in your care in any emergency
  • Know what to do to help your pet on the way to the vet
  • Learn some treatments that you can do at home, which will help minimise extra visits to the vet.

Who will teach you

Learn from a senior emergency vet who deals with emergencies on a daily basis in the largest veterinary emergency hospital in WA, ably supported by a team of experienced nurses.

How is the workshop structured

This workshop starts with learning the theory behind emergency pet first aid followed by hands-on training with live dogs in our specially equipped Skills Lab, a learning and teaching space set up for our 4th and 5th year vet students. This means you have access to special training tools such as Rufus, one of our teaching mannequins.

Why enrol in our Pet First Aid Workshop

  • Taught by an experienced senior veterinarian in Emergency and Critical Care
  • Supported by a team of at least 3 senior nurses
  • Four (4) hour workshop with lecture and hands-on practical session with dogs
  • Small group learning, each group taught and supervised by a vet or nurse
  • Fully illustrated workshop manual
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Pet First Aid Kit
  • Pet Emergency Posters
  • Total of $115 worth of included goodies
  • Morning tea provided.

This is the only Pet First Aid Workshop available in Perth delivered by a senior veterinarian who has extensive experience and practices exclusively in Emergency and Critical Care.

What you will learn

Our workshop participants get the most up-to-date knowledge in Pet First Aid because our clinicians are doing the research that advances veterinary medicine and are consummate teachers. They love teaching, that’s why they are at a university teaching hospital.

Allow them to share their passion for best practice emergency pet first aid with you and walk away feeling confident in providing effective first aid to your pet in an emergency until you can get them to the hospital.

This workshop covers all you need to know to provide effective first and includes the following topics:

  • Basic Anatomy
  • Physical Exams and Vital Signs
  • Cardiovascular System
  • Breathing and Respiratory Distress
  • Oral and Oesophageal Foreign Bodies
  • Musculoskeletal Complaints
  • Abdominal Pain/Palpation
  • Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus
  • Bleeding and Wound Management
  • Burns
  • Emergency Fracture Treatment
  • Nosebleeds
  • Allergies and Anaphylaxis
  • Heat Stroke
  • Cardiopulmonary Cerebral Resuscitation
  • Toxicities
  • Shock
  • Pain and Pain Relief
  • Seizures.

What to wear

Comfortable, neat casual clothes and closed in shoes

Your investment

This four-hour workshop brought to you by a team of veterinary professionals in our especially equipped clinical skills teaching space with $80 worth of included goodies is $215 per person.

Please note: This course is not suitable for anyone under 15 years of age.

This Pet First Aid Workshop is brought to you by the veterinary teaching hospital, The Animal Hospital, and the School of Veterinary Medicine at Murdoch University.

We look forward to welcoming you to Murdoch University and The Animal Hospital.