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Traditionally gel electrophoresis requires the use of specialised apparatus, toxic reagents and expensive agarose and DNA samples. The Biotech out of the Box program has optimised simple alternatives for demonstration of DNA gel electrophoresis in high schools, replacing agarose, DNA and carcinogenic staining methods with agar-based gels and non-hazardous dyes. Our loan kits are designed to utilise these alternatives with real scientific equipment which is also robust, compact and portable.

Nine kits are now available for use in metropolitan and country high schools, at no cost to schools.  Each kit contains enough equipment for classes of thirty students to learn about DNA separation methods, as well as laboratory notes, teacher notes, student worksheets and scenarios for classroom DNA based activities.

The training sessions conducted at Murdoch University equip teachers with confidence and competency in the use of the kits in their schools, and technicians are trained to prepare the equipment and reagents required to present a classroom activity.

As well as our electrophoresis kits, we have recently introduced kits for ELISA assay – a test used to detect a target substance or metabolite using a convenient 96-well plate, and a tool commonly used in industry and pathology. Our training sessions include instruction in this technique also, and ELISA kits for use in schools can now be requested by staff who have received this training. 

Funding for the program's equipment was initially provided by the WA Government Department of Industry and Resources, and the Australian Government Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research's National Enabling Technologies Program.  Management and delivery of the program is supported by Murdoch University.


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