Strategic Plan and Future Horizon 2017 - 2027

The Strategic Plan and Future Horizon 2017-2027 will position Murdoch University to thrive in a modern world, giving it the agility to meet future challenges and take advantage of previously unimagined opportunities.

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We focus on one purpose: to be a creative force for current and future generations.

We are clear about our two core goals:

  • To provide an outstanding education experience for every student leading to our graduates being innovators fully prepared for their future careers.
  • To provide life changing solutions to complex world challenges.

Three lenses guide our actions and endeavours and define our priorities.

  • We strive to be of service to society and to play a key role in the economic and social wellbeing of our communities.
  • We seek to grow and leverage our collaborative partnerships to enable achievement of our core goals for Education and Research.
  • We aim to expand our global presence and impact, by being a gateway to the Asian and Indo-Pacific regions.

Our activities are supported and enabled by four pillars:

  • Our people and culture;
  • Our financial strength;
  • Our physical and digital environments; and
  • Our ‘value-add’ services and operations.

Our 5-year plan is to build on our significant strengths, to grow a strong and vibrant university community. Our 10-year horizon is to be recognised as a world changing university through the impact of our graduates, our life-changing research and our innovative campus developments in Western Australia and in strategic global locations.

This is our strategy.


Our Strategic Plan at a glance

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