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Antimicrobial Resistance: Addressing the One Health Security Agenda

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is gaining prominence on political and policy agendas. Resistance to drugs designed to treat bacterial, viral and parasitic infections is escalating dramatically thus posing a major threat to human health and the environment that sustains it. In this way, the scope of AMR is global and reaches beyond the health sector. Organisations such as the World Health Organisation, the World Organisation for Animal Health, the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation and other international agencies are becoming increasingly concerned about the AMR threat.

In December 2014 leading figures within academia, health, policy, government and industry gathered at Murdoch University for an international symposium supported by the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House. In drawing together a diverse and distinguished group of experts, the event provided a unique opportunity to interrogate the challenge posed by AMR from a number of different perspectives.

This website details the Symposium’s important policy dialogue through recorded videos and presentation notes of the day’s proceedings so that this gathering of experts receives broader exposure and is accessible to a full range of interested individuals, institutions and media.

We encourage you to utilise these online materials which serve as an ongoing resource, and we look forward to being part of further collaborative (One Health) approaches to the mercurial problem of AMR.

Video Proceedings

Agenda Follow the discussions as filmed on the day and download the accompanying presentation slides.

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Keynote Speakers

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