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Spencer Teng stands with a group of alumni in front of a Murdoch University banner

Murdoch University Alumni Chapters offer an accessible, structured and consistent point of contact for our international alumni.

They offer a great platform for socialising, networking, events, and giving back to the community.  All run by volunteers, the Chapters work tirelessly to create bridges and opportunities for our alumni in all of our global campuses. We sat down with Spencer Teng to find out more about his experiences as President of our Singapore Alumni Chapter…

What did you study at Murdoch? What do you do now?

I have worked as a Regional Sales Manager covering the Asia Pacific region for the past 25 years and did my MBA with Murdoch graduating in 2010.

What is the Singapore Alumni Chapter?

The Singapore Alumni Chapter is a platform for all graduates from Murdoch living in Singapore to stay connected and also with the University. We organise a variety of events throughout the year that cater to many different areas and interests, including Networking & Knowledge, Health & Wellness, and Family Days.

How long have you been President?

I have served two terms as President, my first between 2011 and 2013 and my current term, which started in 2018 and will end in 2020.

What has been your most memorable experience as President?

My memorable experience is the first social event the Chapter held. It was at Avalon - Marina Bay Sands, which was one of the top ten clubs in Singapore. We got lots of positive feedback, and people really enjoyed themselves, it was great to see people bonding with their fellow Murdoch graduates.

What are your tips for starting and running a chapter?

For me, the key to running a chapter is to give the committee members leeway to create, plan and organise the events they want and support them in achieving this.

Why should alumni become involved with their local chapter?

For Alumni that have recently graduated, it’s a great opportunity to network, cast their nets and explore opportunities. For those that are already very successful in their work or business, it’s a chance to give back to the chapter and University.

The Chapter is also a great way to stay in touch with what Murdoch University is up to.

If you would like to get involved with your own local Alumni Chapter or if you’re thinking about starting your own, check out our website.
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24 Oct 2019



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