Murdoch EDGE seeks entrepreneur mentors


Murdoch EDGE is currently seeking entrepreneurship mentors to guide Murdoch students who are looking to establish their own enterprise.

As part of endeavours to prepare students for the corporate world, the Centre is currently looking for mentors with business experience, acumen and an awareness of some of the initial challenges of establishing a successful business.

Murdoch EDGE was launched in Singapore in October 2019. The ‘EDGE’ standing for Entrepreneurship Development & Graduate Employment Centre. Its principal aim is to enable Murdoch students to acquire business, entrepreneurship and employability skills and gain a competitive edge before entering the workforce.

If you feel you have the right attributes to become an entrepreneurship mentor and are looking for a vehicle to help current students, this could be an ideal option for you.

The program requires just two hours of your time every two months. Your role as a mentor will include guiding students on the initial stages of establishing a business and sharing lessons learnt during your own entrepreneurship journey.

Murdoch EDGE is looking for individuals with good listening skills who can communicate openly and honestly. Patience is key, coupled with an ability to be empathetic to young, aspirational students.

If you feel these mentorships suit your skill set and you’d like to get involved, please email Murdoch EDGE Manager Sherlyn Lee or telephone her at 6411 4526.

Posted on:

20 Feb 2020



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