Our Strategy

Murdoch University’s future horizon for 2017-2027

Murdoch University’s Strategic Plan

Our 10-year Strategic Plan builds upon our strengths, growing Murdoch into a strong, vibrant university community and positioning us to thrive in and make contributions to a modern world. The success of the plan will be measured through the impacts that our graduates, life-changing research and innovative campus developments make to communities, both within Western Australia and across our global locations.

Our purpose

Our focus is to be a creative force for current and future generations.

As a university we will be of service to our communities, and shape the world through Murdoch’s determination to apply our knowledge.

Our core goals

Students and Education

The Murdoch University study experience will provide every student with an outstanding education, leading our graduates to become innovators fully prepared for their future careers.

Research and Innovation

Through our research institutes and collaborative research programs, Murdoch University will provide life changing solutions to complex world challenges.

Our lenses

Three lenses will focus Murdoch University’s actions and priorities.


Service to society

Murdoch University strives to be of service to society, and to play a key role in the economic and social wellbeing of our communities.


Collaborative partnerships

We seek to grow and leverage our collaborative partnerships to enable the achievement of our core goals for Education and Research.


Global outlook

We aim to expand our global presence and impact by being a gateway to the Asian and Indo-Pacific regions.

Our pillars

Four pillars will support our strategic activities.


People, values and culture

It is the people of Murdoch University who bring our strategy to success. Their commitment and our shared core values come to life through our actions.


Financial strength

Building a strong financial platform, in order to have a strong future, is a critical objective for the next five years. Murdoch has a clear focus on a specific set of financial goals.


Physical and digital environments

The development of our physical and digital environments enables our University, staff and students to seamlessly interact with and contribute to communities.


Value-add services and operations

Murdoch’s professional service teams support the core Education and Research goals of this strategy by providing business as well as high-value differentiating capabilities.

Murdoch’s strategy will position us to be ready to adapt and evolve as critical, unpredictable opportunities and challenges arise. We will be agile, courageous and ready to respond, drawing on our select areas of research expertise.

Professor Eeva Leinonen, Vice Chancellor

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