Apply through TISC

If you're applying for Nursing or Veterinary Science, or are currently in Year 12, you can apply through the Tertiary Institutions Service Centre (TISC)

Applying through TISC is easier than it might initially seem. Read on for all you'll need to know about the TISC application process.


How to apply

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  1. Log in to the TISC website. If you're an eligible Year 12 student you can log in using your WACE Candidate Number or TISC number. If you don't have one, you can register online.
  2. Order your preferences from 1 to 6. Need help? Check out our handy guide to choosing your TISC preferences.
  3. Complete your application form, making sure to pay any fees.
  4. Print off your application coversheet for your records and submit all the supporting documents listed.
  5. Check your inbox. Once you have applied and your application fee has been processed, TISC will send you an email confirmation.

Key dates


19 AprilApplications open for 2022 entry. 
13 December11.59pm - Closing date for the Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Biology, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine - non-school leaver.
19 December11.59pm - Closing date to apply and add/rearrange your preferences for the main round of offers. Also the release date of WACE results and University Admission Advice Letters online.
23 DecemberMain round offers available. Applications and change of preferences re-open for the second round of offers. 


14 January

11.59pm - Deadline to apply or change preferences for the second round offers. 

20 JanuarySecond round offers available. 



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Frequently asked questions

Find answers to common questions.

  • What if I miss out on the selection rank I need to get into Murdoch University?

    Don't worry, Murdoch offers a range of free enabling courses to help you get into university. Once you've successfully completed either OnTrack, OnTrack Sprint or FlexiTrack, you'll be able to apply directly to Murdoch for admission into any course that has a minimum Selection Rank of 70.

    With OnTrack Sprint taking as little as four weeks to complete, you'll still be eligible to start university in Semester 1.

  • I've changed my mind about the course I want to do, how do I change my preferences?

    You can change preferences free of charge, on the TISC website, subject to TISC closing dates (please see key dates above).

    Once your WACE results have been released, you have until 11pm the next day to change your preferences for first round offers.

    If you want to change your preferences between the first and second round offers, do not accept or defer your first round offer. Instead, change your preferences and wait to accept your second round offer.

  • What is the difference between ATAR and selection rank?

    Both your ATAR and Selection Rank represent your rank among all Year 12 students in WA. The key difference is that your Selection Rank includes any adjustment factors added to your raw ATAR score, whereas your ATAR does not.

    A guaranteed entry ATAR or Selection Rank refers to the minimum score that will guarantee you acceptance into a course or institution, subject to any non-ATAR criteria being met, such as prerequisite study or English language proficiency. A minimum ATAR or Selection Rank required for consideration refers to the minimum score you need to be considered for admission into a course or institution.

    If you're eligible for Murdoch University's ATAR RISE admission pathway, your ATAR may be boosted by up to 10 points.

  • What selection rank do I need?

    The selection rank you need will depend on your preferred course's Guaranteed and/or Minimum ATAR/Selection Rank.

    Browse Murdoch University's undergraduate courses by selection rank.


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