Completing your research degree is a life-changing experience that often requires some support. Learn more about the scholarships which could be available to help you balance your research with your other commitments.

At Murdoch we offer a range of research scholarships. There are also a number of scholarships offered by external providers, including government and private organisations.

If you’re awarded a scholarship, you’ll receive a payment to help support your study. It is not a loan and does not have to be repaid. Scholarships can help cover fees and living costs and are available to both domestic and international students, studying both full-time or part-time.

Throughout your research candidacy you may be able to apply for other grants to assist with research costs such as travel, photocopying and thesis binding.

Applying for a research scholarship

Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re exploring your options or preparing your scholarship application:

  • Explore all the options available for your study area.
  • Plan ahead to meet the application deadline.
  • Read all of the scholarship requirements carefully before applying. For example, if you will need a letter from your supervisor to support your application, you might need to ask them sooner rather than later.
  • Make sure you understand what is covered and for how long the scholarship might last.
  • Ask questions early. If you need to know more before you apply, please get in touch with us. If we can’t answer your question directly, we can help you get in touch with the right team to speak with.

Contact our Graduate Research Office

How we review scholarship applications

Every year, our Research Degrees and Scholarships Committee meet in the first two weeks of December to rank all candidates who have applied for a scholarship. The first round of scholarship offers will be emailed by late-December. Here’s what you need to know:

  • If you apply for a scholarship, your application will be assessed based on academic merit and your research potential. Your ranking won’t be affected by your age or whether you have applied to another institution.
  • Competition for scholarships is intense, and you would generally only receive a first round offer if you have an Honours 1 or equivalent.
  • As an applicant, you are granted a score by our Research Degrees and Scholarships Committee in consultation with your school of study. This score is a total of points gained from your undergraduate record, graduate qualifications and research potential and, where appropriate, a score for being in an area of research strength.
  • It’s important to give details of any of your published work including refereed journals, books, non-refereed forums such as journals, technical reports, conference proceedings, conference posters, web based items, performances or works of art.
  • Please also provide details of your relevant work experience in your area of proposed research.

If you’re currently enrolled in a PhD or EdD, you’re eligible to apply for a scholarship.

Explore available research scholarships

ScholarshipStudy levelValue ($A)Apply by
Ruminant Research Bursary AwardsMasters/PhD$2,0006 March 2022
EMHS Aboriginal Mental Health Research ScholarshipMasters/PhDUp to $20,000 p.a.21 February 2022
PhD opportunities in Geochemistry/Extractive MetallurgyPhD$32,500 p.a.15 January 2022
PhD Scholarship in metabolic phenotypingPhD$30,000 p.a.30 November 2021
Keiran McNamara World Heritage PhD Top-up ScholarshipPhD$25,000 p.a.30th September 2021 (international students)
31st October 2021 (domestic students)
Research Training Program Stipend Scholarships (Domestic students)Masters/PhD$30,000 p.a.

31 May 2021

31 October 2021

Southeast Asian Environmental History ScholarshipPhD$27,596 p.a.30 September 2021
Research Training Program Stipend Scholarships (International students) Masters/PhD$30,000 p.a.30 September 2021
ARC Indigenous Discovery Aboriginal Youth Racism ProjectPhD$30,000 p.a.31 August 2021
PhD Scholarship in Endometriosis ResearchPhD$30,000 p.a.31 October 2021
PhD Scholarship in Cystic Fibrosis ResearchPhD$30,000 p.a.31 July 2021
Alistair Murdoch Bursary in Animal Health and WelfareMasters/PhD$2,00014 July 2021
Sandrina Park Graduate AwardMasters/PhD$5,00014 July 2021
Gene editing in quinoa for crop improvementPhD$112,800 over 3.5 yearsAvailable immediately until this position is filled
Metrics of expertise and meta-decision making in safety-critical decision makingPhD$30,000 p.a.30 May 2021 11:59pm (AWST)
PhD Scholarship in Machine LearningPhD$105,00015 June 2021
PhD Scholarship for Crisis Healthcare Management in multiple sclerosisPhD$30,000 p.a.12 March 2021
The Lavinia Sinclair PHD Scholarship – Preservation of native trees and soilsPhD$30,000 p.a.1 February 2021
Harnessing freshwater mussels to improve water quality PhD$35,000 p.a.31 January 2021
Can freshwater mussels improve water quality in artificial water bodies?PhD$35,000 p.a.24 December 2020
Economic evaluation of one health strategies for the control of foodborne parasitic diseasePhD$28,597 p.a.15 December 2020
The Raine StudyPhD$10,000 p.a.1 November 2020
Forrest PhD ScholarshipsPhD$50,000 p.a.31 October 2020
Kulbardi Postgraduate Research Degree StudentsMasters/PhD$27,082 p.a.31 October 2020
CSIRO postgraduate top-up scholarshipsPhDVarious31 October 2020
PhD Scholarship for Exercise and Cognitive HealthPhD$27,596 p.a.
15 October 2020
PhD Scholarship – Circular Economy for Construction & Demolition MaterialsPhD$27,596 p.a. for up to 3 years30 September 2020
Digital Connectivity and Big Data Analytics in AgriculturePhD$27,596 p.a.30 August 2019
PhD Scholarship—Researching Women in Professional Team SportPhD$27, 596 p.a.31 August 2019
The Arthur McComb PhD Field Work GrantPhDUp to $3,000 p.a. for up to 3 years*31 March 2019
PhD InternshipsPhDVariousOngoing
Wildlife and Conservation Medicine Residency Program PhD$35,000 p.a. for up to 3 yearsWill be announced beginning of the year 2022

* if field work is required in each year of the PhD

^ The position will be filled as soon as possible.

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