Receiving an offer

After you've been through the process of writing your research proposal and putting your application together, getting an offer of admission is an exciting step.

The time it takes for your application to be processed depends on which research degree you are applying for, if you're a domestic or international student, and if you're applying for a scholarship.

When you apply, our Graduate Research team can let you know an approximate response time based upon your circumstances.

How your application is processed

While you're waiting for your postgraduate research application to be processed, a number of teams are working behind-the-scenes here at Murdoch. Here's a brief overview of our review and approval process:

  • Our Graduate Research Office will check your eligibility to enrol.
  • Our Graduate Research Office Manager reviews your application.
  • Your agreed supervision panel reviews your application.
  • The School Dean reviews your application.
  • Finally, the Graduate Research Director reviews your application.

If your application passes through these steps and is approved by everyone involved, you'll be sent a formal offer of admission by email.

How to accept your offer

You need to formally accept or decline your offer in writing. We will email you a form which you must sign and return to us.

If you cannot start by the previously agreed date, please contact our Graduate Research Office as soon you receive your offer.

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