Fees & scholarships

Studying honours at Murdoch is a significant investment in your future, so it’s important to consider the financial aspects when you apply.

Your course fees

Before applying for a course, it’s important to understand how course fees work. Your fees will depend on several factors, including your citizenship, residency status and the units that you choose. At Murdoch, you pay for the individual units you enrol in, rather than an overall course fee.

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Student services and amenities fee

At Murdoch, we use SSAF funds to provide you with health and counselling services, careers and employment advice, sport and recreation facilities and services, and much more.

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Living costs

Whether you’ve called Perth home for a while, or you’re planning to move here from overseas or elsewhere in Australia, you’ll need to factor in certain living costs when planning your studies. Remember to budget for your accommodation and travel costs and still have enough money for food, clothing and entertainment.

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Studying at university is a life-changing experience that often requires some support. We're proud to offer a wide range of scholarships to commencing students from a range of backgrounds, which can be invaluable in enabling you to fully achieve your potential.

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Student discounts

Once you are enrolled as a Murdoch student, your student ID offers a range of benefits and discounts, including public transport, events and entertainment around Perth. You also have the option to join the Murdoch Guild of Students to enjoy benefits and discounts around our campus.

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