When you choose to Transfer to Murdoch University’s Perth campus, you’ll experience the best of what education, Australia and life have to offer.

Your time in Western Australia will give you the chance to experience and study on a beautiful campus, make lifelong friends and visit different parts of a fascinating and unique landscape.

How to Apply

Please contact the following Murdoch staff to discuss your options:

Singapore & Malaysia

Neville Hiong
Regional Manager – Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, North Asia.


Conor Murphy
Regional Manager – Africa, Bhutan, Europe, Middle East, Pakistan.

Please note that you may be referred to one of our in-country staff members for further advice.

Documents Required

Study Plans

Assistance in formulating your study plan can be obtained by contacting:

Further information on transfers

Once your transfer application has been processed, the Admissions Office will issue an offer letter with the exact course duration (i.e. for period remaining).  

If you are a citizen of one of the countries listed on this page, you are required to apply via an agent.

We will refer you to one of Murdoch University’s nominated agents. The cost of the agent’s services in this case is covered by the University and so they are free of charge for you! You can seek the assistance from one of Murdoch University’s registered agents in Singapore or Dubai; the agent will assist in:

  • Submission of your application
  • Submission of additional documentation required to meet Genuine Student (GS) requirements
  • Taking out a bank loan if necessary
  • Facilitating the payment of your fees to Murdoch Perth
  • Processing your student visa
  • Finding accommodation
  • Booking your flights
  • Any other issues regarding transfer process     

The list of Murdoch agents can be found online. 

You can transfer any time after the end of a teaching period*. You can choose to study in Perth in the soonest relevant teaching period for your program. Most courses in Perth run on a semester-basis with semesters commencing in February or July. Some postgraduate Business courses run on a trimester-basis, with trimesters commencing January, May, and September. More information on teaching periods can be found here.    

*Note: International Students on a student visa must maintain a full-time enrolment to meet visa conditions; you may be unable to relocate to Perth if you have less than 9 credit points remaining to complete your studies.

If you are a citizen of a country listed on this page, you may not be able to transfer for one teaching period only as you may not obtain a student visa for this duration.

You will be charged per unit, and units can vary between AU $4,125 to $4,455 for a 3-point unit, depending on your chosen field and level of study. You can use the fee calculator to find out the fees that you will need to pay for your units.

Apart from the unit fees, there is also a Student Services and Amenities fee of AU$326 per year.

Once you have made payment of the necessary tuition fees and Overseas Student Health Cover, you (or your agent if engaging one) will be sent a Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) by the University. This document will allow you to begin processing your student visa. The agent will call you to their office to undertake this process. Your visa will require you to undertake a medical check-up and your agent will advise you on how and where to go about this.

All students applying for an Australian student visa must meet the Australian Government Genuine Student (GS) requirements. Your agent will assist with additional documents required for your application to Transfer, which may include a GS form, Declaration of Financial Capacity or Statement of Purpose. For more information, please visit the GS Requirements page on the Murdoch website.

As a Transnational student transferring to Perth campus, you may be eligible for the TNE Transfer Scholarship when you transfer to Perth in 2023 or 2024. This will provide you with a 25% fee reduction for your first teaching period in Perth. If you choose to remain in Perth after the initial teaching period, you could then be eligible for the Welcome Back International Scholarship which will provide you with a 20% fee reduction for the remaining duration of your studies. Please visit the Scholarship pages for Eligibility requirements and further information.

The units for your course can be found in the handbook

There are so many facilities on campus! We have many cafes and eating outlets, and an IGA convenience store in the Student Hub (for varying dietary requirements including halal, and vegan), as well as a tavern and many vending machines on campus. The library has 24-hour access, as well as 24-hour computer labs. There is a gymnasium with squash courts and playing fields, health, and counselling services. With a non-denominational worship centre, ATMs, car parking, and many different clubs and societies to join, Murdoch University has you covered! More information can be found here.
The campus has free WIFI. You can use your Murdoch username and password to access the internet. There are also computer labs on campus for you to use.

Yes! The Murdoch University Village is on campus and has a swimming pool, barbecue deck, movie room, pool table and a group study lounge. There are various options for rooms and include both mixed and same-sex apartments for those who prefer. You are encouraged to apply for accommodation at the Murdoch University Village as soon as you have made payment for your studies. Please visit Murdoch University Village for more information and pricing.

Alternatively, off-campus accommodation can be easily found, with a single room costing approximately $AU150-$300 per week. This will depend on the location, number of tenants, and whether the room is furnished or unfurnished.

Yes, you can work up to 40 hours per fortnight on a student visa and full time on university vacation periods. Casual work such as hospitality and retail can be found in Perth, though students should not rely on finding work to pay for their living expenses. Visit Murdoch’s Alumni Careers and Employment Centre when in Perth to find out more. More information about working while studying and other visa conditions can be found on the Department of Home Affairs website.

You will be given information on how to do this during the Orientation Week and you can choose the bank which best suits your needs. You will be asked to show your student ID card and passport to open an account.

Approximately one month prior to the commencement of your studies in Perth, you will be invited to a Pre-Departure seminar in your current study location. This will be held by a representative from Murdoch University in Perth and is designed to provide you with all the information you require to begin your relocation to Perth. It includes the “nitty-gritty” details about what to bring, what to do before you leave, what to do in the first few days in Perth and so on. This will be a fantastic opportunity to get advice about your transition to the Australian life and network with some of the other students who will also be relocating to Perth.

Orientation Week is held prior to the beginning of each semester to provide you with all the essential information you need to get started and settle into your first year at Murdoch. The Orientation Guide is available on the Murdoch website; Orientation is compulsory and you are expected to attend.