Responsibilities of an Academic Chair

Each Award Course, Major, Co-Major and Minor has an Academic Chair. Academic Chairs may be responsible for more than one Course, Major, Co-Major or Minor. A Course with multiple Majors, Co-Majors or Minors may have more than one Academic Chair. Academic Chairs are appointed by the Academic Council on the recommendation of the Head(s) of College of the College(s) teaching into the Award Course:

  • The term of appointment is normally three years.
  • Where the Course is contained within a single School, the appointment will be made on the recommendation of the Head of School.
  • Appointees are eligible for re-appointment.

An Academic Chair is responsible to the Head(s) of College and Head(s) of School for the academic integrity, management of, and progress of students in the relevant Course, Major, Co-Major or Minor.

Academic Chairs have the following responsibilities:

  • to approve variations and exemptions to individual student enrolments within their Course, Major, Co-Major or Minor, including approving cross-institutional enrolment; and
  • to carry out other tasks as specified by University legislation, policy or procedure.

Study Plans (Singapore)

In Singapore, the Singapore Private Education Act 2009 stipulates that the private education institution and TNE student must sign a contract for courses which last longer than two months. The contract must show the course details which set out the full schedule and include the commencement and conclusion of the course. The Singapore Council for Private Education stipulates that a full study plan must also form a part of the contract.

Study plans are drafted by the TNE Liaison Team on an annual basis (in the 3 year academic planning cycle) and are based on academic planning and previously approved study plans. Academic Chairs then review the plans and approve or amend as required in consultation with the TNE Liaison Team. Currently, Transnational Partners in Singapore produce study plans for the student’s entire course of study.

For the less popular combination of majors where study plans have not been prepared, Transnational Partners will develop and submit them to the TNE Liaison Team to work with the Academic Chair for approval. 

Academic progression and Academic and General Misconduct

The Academic Chair is also responsible for conducting mandatory progression interviews and reaching decisions about students with Unsatisfactory Academic Progression (i.e. students who have failed more than 50% of the credit points in two consecutive teaching periods) as well as reviewing any misconduct cases as required.

For more information on Academic Progress Monitoring please visit the Policy & Procedure Manager. For more information on misconduct please visit the Academic and general misconduct page or write to