Dubai Dean

The Dubai Dean, employed by Murdoch University, has the academic leadership and operational responsibility of the Murdoch University Dubai. The Dubai Dean also provides student support, and maintains strong working relationships with academic staff in Dubai and key management personnel.

Partner Staff

Discipline Leads

The Discipline Leads oversee programs in the areas of Business, Education, Information Technology, Media and Communication, Psychology, Law and Criminology and Foundation Studies. They also act as mentors to the local affiliate lecturers.

Student & Academic Services Team

The Student and Academic Services Team is responsible for providing high quality administrative and services support within the Campus across a broad range of academic and student services and administrative functions. The team coordinates enrolment/re-enrolment activities, student progression/completion processing and maintains accuracy of student records for regulatory reporting. The team also provides advice to students relating to programs/courses, academic policies and procedures, program progression and other student academic matters. The team is also responsible for providing an engaging student experience, managing student events, overlooking the student council functions and alumni affairs.

Student Learning Advisor

The Student Learning Advisor is responsible for the development and implementation of strategies for language enhancement, assisting students with the transition to study in a tertiary learning environment, the development of appropriate study skills and counselling individual students on poor academic performance. The Learning Advisor also provides individualised program/course advice and other learning support to students, as well as running academic workshops on English language skills, career advice, and professional development.

Student Counsellor

The Student Counsellor provides personal, educational and vocational support to students at our Dubai Campus. The counsellor provides group or individual counselling to students and when required, will refer them to other healthcare professionals for additional support. The counsellor also plans and organises mental health and wellbeing workshops to address student key issues like adjusting to university life, dealing with exam and assignment stress, and balancing personal life with studies.

Dubai Academic staff

For more information, see Murdoch University Dubai faculty.