Our History in Transnational Education

The University first became involved in the provision of overseas education through its Business School in Singapore in 1991 with the Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF). This was followed shortly thereafter in Malaysia with Kolej Damansara Utama (KDU), KDU Penang, Sibu and Kota Kinabalu.

All of the initial TNE offerings were undergraduate business degree programs. In the early 2000's, Murdoch partnered with the Singapore Manufacturing Federation to offer its degree courses - relationship which ended in 2014. In 2010, a new partnership with Kaplan Singapore began which continues today. Murdoch University also began offering its courses in Dubai in 2008; first with an infrastructure provider called Global and, since January 2019, with Navitas.

Murdoch University’s TNE enterprise has grown from 585 students in 2005 to 5,818 students in 2022.

Message from the Deans

PVC & Singapore Dean

Professor Peter Waring
With a large student enrolment, first-class support services and strong commitment to research, Murdoch University seeks to maintain and further strengthen its reputation for transnational education excellence in Singapore
Professor Peter Waring

The history of Murdoch University in Singapore is one of continued growth and strengthening reputation. Murdoch University is widely known and regarded in Singapore with more than 22,000 alumni in the city state – more than half of whom studied and graduated in Singapore. It is one of the few Australian universities officially recognised by the Ministries of Manpower and Law in Singapore and has the largest enrolment and course offerings of any Australian university in the city-state. Murdoch attracts Singaporean part-time and full-time students as well as international students from the region with a course portfolio that is aligned with the labour market needs of the city state and South East Asia.

Murdoch Singapore provides a wide range of academic, learning and administration services to its large population of Singapore-based students and alumni. In addition, through its employability centre, Murdoch EDGE, it delivers career, entrepreneurship and industry networking opportunities. Murdoch Singapore is also committed to research of importance to Singaporeans through its research centre, the Singapore Centre for Research on Innovation, Productivity and Technology or SCRIPT. 

Dubai Dean and Academic President

Profile image of Dr Jim Trotter
With a growing reputation in the region for academic excellence and positive student experience, Murdoch Dubai exemplifies our university’s commitment to high quality teaching and scholarship.
Dr James Trotter

Murdoch University Dubai is the branch campus of Murdoch University located in the heart of Dubai International Academic City. The campus is overseen and managed academically by a Dean and Academic President who is resident in Dubai. The campus was established in 2007, and we remain one of only three Australian universities offering comprehensive degree programs in the United Arab Emirates. Murdoch Dubai has a truly multinational and cosmopolitan student body, with a particular emphasis on students drawn from across the Middle East, North Africa, and the Indian Ocean region. With more than 400 students, taught by academics from 14 countries, it is a stimulating and vibrant place to learn.

At the undergraduate level, we offer courses in Business (finance, management, and marketing), Information Technology (computer science, a business information systems, and cyber security), and Media and Communication (journalism and strategic communication). At the postgraduate level, we offer a Master of Business Administration, a Master of Health Care Management, and a Master of Education.