Terms of Reference of the Singapore Academic Board

The Academic Committee will review and make recommendations to ensure that consistent academic standards and high quality student experiences are maintained in all programs and courses are maintained through:


  • Recommend, in conjunction with the colleges, disciplines, MSB and Kaplan, new subjects, new courses and courses changes to ACAC for approval.
  • Review and recommend admission requirements to ACAC and KAB (for approval from CPE).
  • In conjunction with the disciplines, undertake a regular course review process, to improve the quality of teaching through regular use and review of subject/course evaluation surveys and report on any changes relating to the course structure or delivery methodology and report to AQ.
  • Monitoring of developments in the Singapore Education context.


  • Design and review the student assessment validation, moderation, and examinations processes.
  • Quality assurance (equivalence, contextualization).


  • Regularly report to the MU Academic Council through the MU AQ, in conjunction with the relevant college L&T committees on students’ progress, attrition and completion rates; and surveys (SELTS and Graduate Destination).
  • Consider feedback, in conjunction with school LTCs, make recommendations and report to AQ. Receive reports and review statistics relating to student appeals against assessment, grievances, discipline and misconduct (academic and general).
  • Receive reports and review statistics relating to student appeals against assessment, grievances, discipline and misconduct (academic and general).


  • Develop an annual Professional Development Plan for academic staff to ensure that professional and discipline based expertise is current and culturally significant; that teaching skills are maintained and updated; and that scholarly activity is undertaken.
  • Encourage a culture of scholarship and advise the AQ Committee on procedures relating to teacher appointment and evaluation.
  • Recognition of teaching excellence, including cognizance of the teams (UC, teaching, materials).


  • Provide a forum and support (including funding opportunities) for the discussion of learning trends and teaching, issues and challenges.
  • Implement academic policies relating to all learning and teaching processes.
  • Monitor and review student support strategies implemented to ensure student success (language difficulties, academic support, intervention processes).
  • Undertake benchmarking activities.


  • Professor Peter Waring
    Pro Vice Chancellor Transnational Education & Singapore Dean (Chair)
  • Ms Jenny Crawford
    Manager, TNE
  • Professor Peter Eastwood
    Deputy Vice Chancellor Research & Innovation
  • Mr Kelly Smith
    Pro Vice Chancellor International
  • Dr Tarin Ong
    Singapore Assistant Dean, Learning & Teaching (ex-officio)
  • Dr Ingrid O'Brien
    Academic staff representative, College of Business
  • Dr Lauren O'Mahoney
    Academic staff representative, College of Law, Arts and Social Sciences
  • Associate Professor Mohd Fairuz Shiratuddin
    Academic staff representative, College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
  • Dr Andrea Steele
    Academic staff representative, College of Health and Education
  • Dr Florence Mwagwabi
    Academic Chair representative (Bachelor of Information Technology)
  • Dr Samuel Teague
    Academic Chair representative (Spine)
  • Dr Ashleigh Prosser
    Professional Learning Team representative
  • Dr Amy Lim
    Singapore Discipline Lead representative
  • Mr Sam Choon Yin
    Dean, Academic Partnerships, Kaplan
  • Ms Shalu Matani
    Affliate Lecturer representative
  • Ms Lynn Wong / Ms Tina Di Cicco
    Singapore Alumni Chapter representatives (President/Vice President) 
  • Mr Winn Chew / Ms Wenn Xuen Teo
    PG student representatives
  • Vacant
    PG student representative

Notes on Membership:

  • Academic Chair representatives are appointed by the Chair, on a 4 meeting/18 month staggered rotation
  • The Singapore Discipline Lead representative is appointed by the Chair, on a 4 meeting/18 month staggered rotation


Ms Tamara Martin
University Secretary's Office


3 times per year