The University's responsibilities regarding TNE
Murdoch University has a responsibility to manage quality in all aspects of its TNE arrangements with Transnational partners. It maintains this by ensuring that students receive equivalence in admission, learning outcomes and delivery of course of study; and student support regardless of the students’ place of study.

University areas of responsibilities

Regulatory/LegislativeTo meet statutory, regulatory and professional requirements in Australia and the countries where its TNE courses are offered, i.e. Singapore and Dubai.
Governance, Management and StaffingContract management and oversight, course approval and design, human resources, and risk management.
Course DeliveryMaintain academic standards and integrity, ensure teaching and learning quality, ensure equivalent learning outcomes and assessment, manage admission and advanced standing.
Resources and SupportEnsure students have access to teaching and learning resources, technical and IT support, and well-maintained physical and electronic resources and infrastructure.
Responsibilities to StudentTo meet responsibilities to students, including providing accurate information to prospective students, English Language support, other kinds of support to meet the learning needs of students, and equitable treatment.
Review and EvaluationPeriodic academic and contractual review and evaluation to maintain quality.

Auditing standards

Murdoch University is subject to audits by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) for provider’s re-registration. TEQSA will evaluate the University’s performance against the Higher Education Threshold Standards. The Threshold Standards impacting TNE are Provider Registration Standards and Provider Course Accreditation Standards, and encompass the above-mentioned areas of responsibilities.

The University has formulated a number of policies, guidelines and procedures relating specifically to TNE. The Transnational Education via Partnerships Policy is the overarching policy governing TNE activities via partnerships. Murdoch’s TNE activities are also impacted by other University-wide policies, guidelines and procedures such as the Assessment Policy, Curriculum Policy and Internationalisation Policy.

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