Delivery of courses


The Transnational Partner is responsible for the delivery of Murdoch University’s courses in each respective location. The University owns and has academic oversight of its programs and curriculum, which must be comparable to that which is offered at the home campus.

The Transnational Education via Partnerships Policy, viewable on the Policy and Procedure Manager, includes a number of provisions on curriculum, teaching, academic management and learning resources. The Transnational Partners is expected to be familiar with and abide by the University’s policies, procedures and guidelines.

The Transnational Partner is expected to abide by any terms and conditions that are imposed by the government/regulatory authorities in the relevant TNE location in granting permission for the Transnational Partner to offer the transnational course in that country. The Transnational Partner is also responsible for conducting unit evaluations, including evaluations by students, in a form required by Murdoch’s policy requirements for unit evaluations.