The Murdoch Singapore Office provides support to Murdoch students, Affiliate Lecturers and Transnational Partners with the view to improving quality.

Pro Vice Chancellor
Transnational Education & Singapore Dean

Peter Waring is Murdoch’s current PVC TNE & Singapore Dean. The main foci of the role of the PVC TNE/Singapore Dean are management of the University's TNE activities; quality improvement; relationship management; compliance; business development; market research; and industry and political liaison.

The PVC TNE/Singapore Dean is responsible for advancing the University’s academic, strategic and commercial interests in Singapore, primarily through the management of the University’s transnational partners and the facilitation of effective academic collaboration between staff in Perth and Singapore. The PVC TNE/Singapore Dean will provide support to Murdoch students, Affiliate Lecturers and the Transnational Partners with a view to delivering a higher level of accountability in academic quality and compliance while improving quality. The PVC TNE/Singapore Dean fosters and facilitates collaboration and communication between Affiliate Lecturers, Murdoch University Unit Coordinators and Academic Chairs to help ensure the academic integrity of the course of study and management of student progress.

The PVC TNE/Singapore Dean will take responsibility for ensuring that the University’s courses are administered and delivered in accordance with University policies and procedures and other relevant regulations. He liaises with the University and Transnational Partner staff, as well as the relevant licensing, accrediting and other regulatory bodies (in Singapore and Australia) to ensure ongoing compliance with all relevant legislation and regulations.

The PVC TNE/Singapore Dean leads strategic thinking on the development of Murdoch’s TNE activities. He also represents the University at appropriate industry, commercial and political forums.

Discipline Leads

The Murdoch Singapore Office has Discipline Leads in the areas of Business, Communications, Information Technology and Psychology. They are mentors to the local affiliate lecturers and often also teach across a number of units too. They are an excellent point of contact for Unit Coordinators as required, and also assist students with their academic progression. Visit the Contact us page to find out how to contact the Discipline Leads.


Student Services Manager

The Student Services Manager assists with the delivery of a broad range of services to students who take up Murdoch programs offered by Kaplan Higher Education Singapore. He manages the enrolment of all students in Singapore, Dubai and Malaysia, providing specialised admissions advice and academic progression support to students. He also ensures admission standards and University Regulations and Rules are followed by our Transnational partners and works closely with the TNE Liaison Team as required.


Student Services Assistant

The Student Services Assistant works closely with the Student Services Manager and assists him to assess student applications. She also manages the printing of students’ matriculation cards and auditing of students’ contracts to ensure the correct information is prepared by the Transnational Partners.

Executive Officer

The Executive Officer provides administrative support to the Pro Vice Chancellor Transnational Education, Singapore Dean and A/Dean Singapore. In addition to managing the administration of the Singapore office, she is also responsible for the PASS programme, which includes the recruiting and training of all PASS leaders.

Lecturer, Learning & Teaching

Dr Tarin Ong is the Lecturer, Learning & Teaching at Murdoch Singapore and also serves as the Singapore Assistant Dean for Learning and Teaching (ex-officio) on the Singapore Academic Board.

Dr Ong provides coaching to undergraduate and postgraduate students on academic skills; learning strategies; research and integrity; personal effectiveness; and well-being. She ensures Murdoch University’s core value of academic integrity in education and research is upheld by overseeing the investigation of academic misconduct and dishonesty. She also conducts English language proficiency tests for prospective students.

Dr Ong is responsible for teaching quality, conducting teaching observations and bespoke training for new and current affiliate lecturers on learning and teaching standards, student support services, assessments, exams and feedback, technology-enabled learning strategies and the use of the learning management system.


Student Learning Hub

The Murdoch Singapore Office provides a central resource to all students through the 'Student Learning Hub' regardless of their level or background. Several resources and support services are available, including information on:

  • Orientation
  • Academic Integrity (eg. MAP100 and MUST training)
  • Interactive Workshops (eg. groupwork; academic reading and writing)
  • Self Guided Resources (eg. Studiosity, Grammarly and other toolkits for language and communications/maths and statistics; study success; and the Student Wellness Advocacy Team
  • Peer Guidance (eg. Peer Assisted Study Sessions & the Student Wellness Advocacy Team)
  • Assistance for students with a disability and/or physical or mental health condition(s)
  • One on one support consultations
  • Murdoch 'EDGE' (Entrepreneurship Development & Graduate Employability) which provides career readiness through work experience, alumni network, industry events, seminars and entrepreneurship training. 

For more information please see the Murdoch Singapore Student Learning Hub page.