The TNE Liaison Team facilitates courses offered through TNE partners in Singapore and Dubai. The team works closely with the Colleges and TNE partners. The team performs the central oversight, resolving issues and acting as the central point of contact for TNE partners in the following areas:

  • TNE-specific policies and procedures;
  • University-wide projects that impact TNE;
  • Affiliate management;
  • Class size procedures;
  • TNE academic calendars;
  • Unit offerings;
  • In-term test procedures;
  • Study Plan and Academic Planning support;
  • Training for TNE partners;
  • Support PVC TNE and TNE Deans;
  • Monitor contractual obligations;
  • Unit materials and unit resource lists; and
  • Maintenance of TNE web resource.

Meet the TNE team

Ms Jenny Crawford
Manager, TNE

Ms Tess Carcione
Transnational Education Coordinator

Mrs Yukiko Stransky
Transnational Education Officer

Mr Nathan Tozer
Transnational Education Officer

Ms Judith Bleakley
Transnational Education Officer

The TNE Team is overseen by Professor Peter Waring, Pro Vice Chancellor (Transnational Education) and Singapore Dean.


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