The Unit Coordinator will approve the assessment schedule and provide the in-term test papers. The Unit Coordinator will need to submit in-term test papers no later than 1 week prior to the assessment. Marking guides should also be provided to the Affiliate Lecturer(s) to enable accurate and efficient marking of the assessments. When scheduling the in-term test, the Unit Coordinator should keep in mind the need to factor in reading time, if necessary.

Deferred in-term assessments

In-term assessments are not managed by the University in the same way as final examinations, and are not administered via Murdoch’s Exams Office.

All requests for a deferred in-term assessment must be routed through the Transnational Partner before being sent to Murdoch for evaluation, and the Transnational Partner must reject student applications without sending to Murdoch if:

  • The student did not attend the assessment because they misread the timetable, forgot, or slept in, etc;
  • The student could not attend the assessment because it was during their working hours, unless they provided a supporting document showing that their employer has refused them leave; or
  • The student has planned a holiday or event during the teaching period which conflicted with their attendance requirements.


Students who are eligible to apply for a deferred in-term assessment must complete the Application for Deferred In-term Assessment TNE form and submit it to the Unit Coordinator for assessment. The Unit Coordinator has several choices when assessing a student request to defer an in-term assessment, including:

  • Approving the request and providing another assessment;
  • Denying the request and re-weighting the student’s final assessment; or
  • Denying the request and grading the student zero for the assessment.

The decision is entirely at the academic discretion of the Murdoch Unit Coordinator. In the event of unforeseen circumstances resulting in the student being unavailable for the in-term test, the Unit Coordinator will address the circumstances on a case-by-case basis but is under no obligation to offer a deferred in-term assessment should the student decide to go on holidays, etc.