The University Library covers three locations and you can find your perfect study spot at each one.

Geoffrey Bolton Library

Building 350, Perth Campus, 90 South Street Murdoch WA 6150
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The Geoffrey Bolton Library has 200 computers, numerous printers and study spaces to use across four floors. The Curriculum Resource Centre is located on Level 1 in the South Wing.

24 hour access

After regular opening hours, you can access the 24/7 learning common at any time using the Level 2 entrance, near the ECL courtyard. Use your Murdoch ID card to swipe in. Food and drink vending machines and microwaves are also available in this area.

Silent and Buzz study zones

Our 'Buzz' and 'Silent' Zones at the Geoffrey Bolton Library allow you to choose your preferred study environment.

Buzz ZoneBest for group or collaborative study
Phone conversations are fine
Food and drink are allowed
Level 2, North Wing
Level 2, Link
Level 3, North Wing & LaunchPad
Level 3, Link
Level 3, South Wing
Silent ZoneBest for individual, silent study
Silence your phone
Drinks are allowed - no food
Level 1, South Wing
Level 2, South Wing
Level 2, Computer Lab 2.006
Level 2, Computer Lab 2.010
Level 2, South Wing, Room 2.005D
Level 4, South Wing
Students studying together in Level 2, North Wing
Level 2, North Wing
A study booth in the Level 4, South Wing Silent zone
Level 4, South Wing
Tables and chairs in the Level 4, South Wing Silent zone
Level 4, South Wing
Students studying in the Level 2, Link 24/7 area
Level 2, Link
Students studying as a group in the Level 3, South Wing Buzz zone
Level 3, South Wing
Individual study desks in the Level 2, South Wing Silent zone
Level 2, South Wing

Group and individual study rooms

We have bookable study rooms for individual study or group and collaborative work. Bookings are available during regular opening hours for a maximum of 4 hours per day.

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Postgraduate spaces

Postgraduate students (Masters by Research and Doctorate) can apply for access to a study carrel: Study Carrel Application

Access to study rooms 2.010A and 2.011 on Level 2 South Wing is also available: Graduate Research Room Application.

Access and Inclusion Rooms

There are two Access and Inclusion Resource rooms with assistive technologies and ergonomic equipment at the Geoffrey Bolton Library. For details, see Accessibility Services.

Bookable individual study rooms are also available for students registered with the Access and Inclusion Office. These rooms are ideal for focused study and are located in Silent Study Zones on Levels 1 and 2 at the Geoffrey Bolton Library.

Veterinary Library

Building 260 Room 2.10, Perth Campus
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The Veterinary Library is open 7.00am - 6.00pm weekdays and weekends. After-hours access is also available to current Veterinary Science students and staff with a swipe card. Facilities available include Veterinary texts, computers, printers and X-ray viewers. This is a self-service library - use the self check machine to borrow and return your items.

Mandurah Campus Library

Building 101 (Learning Common), Mandurah Campus

Our Mandurah Campus Library is open between 8am – 4pm weekdays. Accessibility services are available.

In addition to open study areas, you can also access:

  • Computer Laboratory 1.024
  • Quiet Study Room 1.025
  • The Student Hub 1.020

Your right to study

If you see or experience inappropriate behaviour, you may respectfully let the person know they are disturbing you. If you require further assistance, contact Library staff on 9360 2563.

If you are on campus after hours and feel unsafe or need a Security escort, call Security on +618 9360 6262 or use an Emergency Call Button. On campus Security Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.