Databases are collections of online resources, including journal articles, ebooks and streaming media, which are not accessible via a general internet search. Use databases to conduct in-depth searching within a specific field or subject area.


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Databases FAQs

Watch our series of quick videos explaining why and when you should use databases, and how to start searching:

If you need peer reviewed or high quality resources for assignments or research, read our guide to Finding high quality resources.

When you are on campus, you connect to library databases and online resources without having to log in.

When you are off campus, you will need to login using your Murdoch credentials to access library databases and online resources. Additionally, Alumni members have access to a limited number of databases.

If you are having issues accessing databases, it may be due to your login details, browser configuration or enrollment status. See Troubleshooting for more information.

If you require more help using databases, ask our Librarians.

If you having issues with access and have tried our Troubleshooting information, send us your enquiry.

Conditions of use

When you use the Library’s online resources, you must comply with the conditions of use that apply to the resource. Each database will have its own specific conditions of use and authorised user categories. Specific conditions are listed in each database entry, under the heading Conditions of use.

Library online resources are available for personal, non-commercial, research or educational purposes only. You must comply with all applicable University Legislation and Copyright Advice.